Renewable energy

Dynamic economic and civilization development of the last few years requires safeguarding with stable and environmentally friendly sources of energy. Standard methods of energy obtaining do not fulfill these criteria. Renewable energy is not only the perfect supplement but also the element of diversification of risk related to deliveries from outside sources. GIS role in this area is, first of all, the support to the planning and exploitation process.

  • Trainings.
  • Consulting services.
  • Spatial, multidimensional analysis
  • GIS data delivery

Our offer for renewable energy companies consists of:

  • Optimization of location for wind farms.
  • Raw material base analysis for biogas.
  • Analysis of technological conditions for network connections.
  • Promotion of investments.

The analysis use land register data, digital elevation models, air and satellite orthophotomaps as well as data obtained individually for project needs (GPS data collection). The entire data is then included in the form of geometrical data base which constitutes invaluable material in decision-making processes concerning investments and monitoring of already existing installations.