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32/5 Krokwi Street

03-114 Warsaw

Phone/fax number: (+48) 22 741 72 02

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About us...

Since 2001 GIS-LOGIC has been providing both services in the scope of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and professional solutions in the area of software designed to order. We have participated in numerous projects carried out in following sectors:
  • Forestry and agriculture
  • Environmental protection (National Parks, Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection)
  • Infrastructure – water-supply systems, sewage systems, heating-supply systems, gas and power sectors
  • Public administration
  • Scientific research
  • Services for commercial companies concerning infrastructural investments and renewable sources of energy
The outcome of our works often became parts of large, advanced systems, even of national level.


  • Quality

  • "We are smaller so we work harder..."

    The direct cooperation with the customer, contact and empathy have always been the base of our operations. We don't build artificial barriers, procedures or tasks. Both new implementations and tasks related to servicing contracts are performed immediately. The quality of our services and of delivered solutions is our greatest advantage.

  • Experience
  • "We are constantly learning…"

    Experience is the vice that allows us to maintain the highest quality of our services. We don't make previous mistakes and the probability of making a new mistake becomes smaller with every ongoing project. The experience of GIS-LOGIC is mostly GIS systems as well as delivery and the support during implementation of works management systems. GIS is not only a map, but also the base for advance analysis of different nature. That is why our offer contains services for integrating GIS data with computing engineering systems (modeling of water-supply and heating networks), billing and ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning).

  • Professionalism
  • "Our proof lies in our work style…"

    We set strict requirements in the area of professional operations. What we aim to achieve is that each project is easy to understand, planned in detail and duly documented. In this aspect we use good practices described in global standards - PRINCE2 and PMI. Professionalism is also essential concerning selection of partners for common projects.

  • Passion
  • "Work is more than just a way of earning money…"

    Only those things that are done with passion are really creative. We see projects not only as the challenge in economical aspect but it is also a form of art for us. Every task is treated very seriously but it doesn’t mean that we lack the sense of humor of are not willing to implement innovations. Our Clients share this mood with us.