Ready-to-use software

Concerning ready-to-use software we provide solutions of our partners which are implemented in our work on a current basis. Clients are also provided with counseling on optimal selection of configuration together with implementation support and trainings.

Our offer also includes software families like:

  • ArcGIS
  • SpaceEyes 3D

Dedicated software


gxNET is a modern tool to provide the complete process of network records within GIS system (ang. Geographic Information Systems). Currently our product is available in two versions:
  • gxNET.WK - Water, wastewater and sewage sector
  • gxNET.EC - Heating distribution sector
Universal mechanisms implemented in the system allow servicing of any model of transmission network, also of internal networks in industrial plants (water, energy, city gas, technological water vapor). Model template defining structure and its functions which determine the behavior of objects is delivered for every implementation. The whole process of information registration is carried out on the basis of ArcGIS technology (ready to use software or components).

gxNET works in client-server architecture and as standalone application (geodatabase is located on the user’s local discs). Data can also be available through unlimited preview tools as well as through internet browser.

Tools Factory

Our existing works on creating GIS software resulted in large number of innovative solutions which in turn were standardized and gradually turned into the form of products. Tools Factory is the set of products available to Clients and proven in practice to be effective. As our working environment we have chosen programming language Python, the backbone technology to use and combine them with ArcGIS™ geoprocessing tools.


  • 2GDB Tools - tools for data imports in various formats (national standards in Poland) to Esri geobase environment.
  • SWDE2GDB – data import in SWDE format (polish geodetic standard for cadastral data).
  • EWMAPA2GDB – data import in EWMAPA format