GIS-LOGIC solutions are based on experience and knowledge of our team, which we love to share with our Clients. Offered services are as follows:
  • Trainings

    The basis of the effective implementation and use of modern technologies for GIS data processing and analysis is first of all the level of preparations of both technical and decision-making management personnel. Our Company is willing to share this practical knowledge, which is also most precious as it has been acquired during the performance of particular projects. Trainings are carried out in small groups, at the premises of the Client. Carefully selected practical examples make it possible to apply the acquired knowledge in practice immediately.
  • Consulting

    We provide also consultancy services within analytical works related to implementation of GIS systems (already existing solutions as well as systems at the stage of design). The analysis covers total business processes occurring in entity, office or institution, indicates the location and formation both of data and demand for spatial information as well as their channels of distribution. What we advise on our Clients is not only how to select the optimal configuration of software and hardware but also on where to look for sources of financing businesses related to GIS implementation. It is mostly related to external funds (EU funds, Innovative Business Programme)and to the selection of partners for specific businesses. In this scope we use our national and foreign contacts.
  • Integration of IT systems

    Specialized services in respect to analysis and design of the mechanisms for integration of GIS systems with other functional areas of entities, offices or institutions. These works are carried out with standards for software developing which makes their results directly transferable to the teams of software programmers responsible for the implementation of determined functionality.
  • GIS analysis

    We perform tasks in the area of GIS data obtaining and processing and provide assistance in defining the subject matter for the analysis taking into consideration such factors as data availability and technical capacity of the software. The knowledge of GIS together with the software allows us to perform analysis which are not available to standard software.
  • Technical support

    We also provide technical support service as regards the selection of software and hardware configuration, installation, optimization and supervision of currently used/designed