Water, wastewater and sewage management sector

Nowadays one of the most basic problems of sanitary engineering is to secure water-supply and sewage-disposal needs in the aspect of constantly changing environmental conditions and industrial development. The fulfillment of these tasks is related to requirement of efficient management of network assets, together with its maintenance, dimensioning of its components and the analysis of unplanned events and their consequences. GIS systems have become the irreplaceable tool in this field.

Our offer for water-supply and sewage companies includes:

  • Implementation of the system for water-supply and sewage network registration on the basis of gxNET.WK.
  • Trainings and consulting services.
  • Audit of already existing systems.
  • Passporting services for water, wastewater and sewage network.
  • Data delivery (digital elevation models, orthophotomaps).
  • Evaluation of biologically active surfaces in order to determine the level of rain sewage system usage and charges resulting from it.
  • Spatial analysis of water loses.
  • GIS integration with hydraulic modeling software (EPANET and MIKE Urban standards), works , billing and accountancy management.